Xingyu Lei

I saved a life, my own. Am I a hero? I really can't say, but yes

⭐️ Crazy for Technical Art

Self-motivated learner, critical thinker and problem solver

Senior Technical Artist 🎮

  PlayStation, SIE

[Apr 2023 - Present]

Un-announced Project

  • Design and build a UE5 game cinematics pipeline from scratch
  • Optimize and develop Maya and MotionBuilder Animation tools and workflow
  • Cross-department coordination, code review, new-hire training

Technical Artist 🎮

  PlayStation, SIE

[Jan 2021 - Apr 2023]

The Last of Us: Part I

  • Engine optimization on framerate and memory
  • Develop and maintain a tool ecosystem that closely supports Naughty Dog across multiple departments: including Character Library, Pose Library, Engine Capture tool and more
  • Virtual face tracking, technical scene prep, rigging QC, PC and PS5 devkit setup

Computer Graphics Research Assistant 📚

  Purdue University

[Sep 2018 - Dec 2020]
  • Developed a state-machine-based procedural animation system in Unity and integration with a machine-learning-based emotion recognition module
  • Created automation tool for character rigging and mocap retargeting
  • Technical Documentation and Research Paper Drafting


  Blur Studio

[May - July 2020] [Jun - Aug 2019]
  • CFX pipeline development and optimization
  • Tool development: hair QC, Qualoth IO, version comparer, soft modification, camera toolkit and more
  • Delivered over 70 shots of cloth/hair simulation using Maya and 3dsMax


The Last of Us: Part I
Love Death & Robots
Call of Duty: Modern Warefare